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Memberships coming soon.. Visit our booth at the Ft. Worth Gun Show on May 3-4 for details. NOTE: you will need to be an active training client with us to be considered for membership.

All competitions, workshops and practice shoots will be announced through the company newsletter for active clients.

Gift Cards: Contact us about courses and gift certificates.

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About us:

VX Marksmanship is a private firearms training facility located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We specialize in teaching a variety of tactical shooting skills include pistol, shotgun, tactical carbine, precision rifle,as well as Texas CHL certification and olympic bullseye shooting.

The curriculum we have setup encompasses 1-10 levels (click here for a short description of each level) of progressive training for each of the firearm platforms (pistol, shotgun, tactical carbine, and precision rifle) JulieEach course is one level.  It should be the clients’ goal to eventually make it to level 10 in all three platforms.

We serve private citizens, law enforcement agencies and active or reserve military organizations. No matter what your skill level, our staff is able to accommodate your specific training goals at our 180 degree pistol or 1,000 yard ranges. Our instructors represent many years of distinguished military special operations and law enforcement experience, Joe on the movewhich translates into a hands-on, real world approach to provide you with the highest quality of instruction.

 We have two facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex; our main firearms training facility located in Alvarado and our 1,000 yard precision rifle range in Rhome. Our Alvarado location consists of a 400 yard range and a CQB/Defensive Shooting course where students are taught tactical pistol, carbine, beginner and intermediate level precision rifle skills and combat shotgun. This location is also the site for our CHL certification classes. The Rhome range is set up to facilitate higher level precision rifle training, and it is an ideal setting for basic and advanced LE/Military Sniper training or long-range hunting and competitive sport instruction.


Long Range Shooting and Pistol Range Highlights

  • 180-degree pistol and carbine range that allows shooters to dynamically engage targets to their front, left and right sides
  • 400 & 1,000 yard rifle ranges have reactive AR500 steel targets placed at each yard line in increments of 50 meters
  • Indoor classroom facilities include seating for 25 students
  • Range and classroom can be reserved for private groups (business functions, church groups, bachelor parties, family events, LE & Military training)

6100 I-35W South Alvarado, Texas 76009

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